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In LEON: A LIFE, a 97-year-old retired sea captain recounts his incredible, raunchy, and revealing life story — and Leon H Schneider knows how to tell a joke.


Following a scrappy childhood during the Great Depression, Leon started at the lowest job in the engine room and rose to the rank of master mariner, licensed to captain any size ship, on any ocean. In his world travels as a ship’s officer, he racked up innumerable amorous adventures before settling down.


Back on land in his fifties, he faces his greatest challenge: How can he support his much younger wife and their three young kids?


He survived the Great Depression, being torpedoed by U-Boats, and the London Blitz. But can Leon survive the tedium of working at the mall?


Coming in 2019.

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Writing for consultants and startups

I produce custom editorial content for technology companies and consulting firms in the financial services industry, on topics in banking, capital markets and insurance. I also help startups to explain their businesses to stakeholders including customers, investors, funding organizations, and media outlets.

Working with strong partners in graphic design, printing and multimedia, I create print and online media assets that help companies define their brands, explain their business value and set themselves apart from their competitors.

As a trusted business partner to prominent and respected companies, I deliver case studies, editorials, white papers, research briefs, event coverage and company newsletters.

In my business writing, I draw upon hands-on experience as a IT practitioner, plus rigorous study of the financial markets through graduate study and several years' work experience as a trade journalist.

The reliable result is compelling content delivered with enlightening perspectives, innovative ideas and excellence in execution.

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Cervantes' talking dogs

"The Search for Dog in Cervantes"

Published on July 14, 2017 in the "Animal Narratology" special issue of Humanities, an open access journal.

This paper reconsiders the missing galgo from the first line in Don Quixote with a set of interlocking claims: first, that Cervantes initially established the groundwork for including a talking dog in Don Quixote; second, through improvisation Cervantes created a better Don Quixote by transplanting the idea for a talking dog to the Coloquio; and third, that Cervantes made oblique references to the concept of dogs having human intelligence within the novel.

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the literature of talking dogs

Barking Humans (c) 2010 Taelyen LLC

"Narrative Complexity in the Talking-Dog Stories of Cervantes, Hoffmann, Gogol, Bulgakov, and Kafka"

A Thesis in the Field of Foreign Literature, Language, and Culture for the Degree of Master of Liberal Arts in Extension Studies, Harvard University, March 2012

With the intent of developing a method for classifying talking-dog stories of critical interest, this thesis evaluates the extent, degree, and type of narrative complexity within the talking-dog stories of five canonical authors in world literature: “The Dogs’ Colloquy” by Miguel de Cervantes, “A Report on the Latest Adventures of the Dog Berganza” by E.T.A. Hoffmann, “Diary of a Madman” by Nikolai Gogol, Heart of a Dog by Mikhail Bulgakov, and “Researches of a Dog” by Franz Kafka.

Read the thesis online or download the PDF.