Preface to “The Sedervantes”

In 2006, I began research in earnest on my master’s thesis on “Narrative Complexity in the Talking-Dog Stories of Cervantes, Hoffmann, Gogol, Bulgakov, and Kafka.” That’s when I first came across the question of Cervantes’s alleged Jewish ancestry. To my mind, if Cervantes had known that he was from a converso bloodline, it would answer […]

The Sedervantes

The Sedervantes: Next Year in La Mancha   Friday, April 22, 1616: Cervantes dies. Friday, April 22, 2016: First night of Passover. (Download and print) Introduction. Haggadah, in Hebrew, means: “the telling.” At the heart of the Passover seder, the Jewish people tell the story of Exodus to assembled children, families and friends. We retell the […]