Seattle’s poetry bookstore Open Books: A Poem Emporium has moved to Pioneer Square!

And that’s where I met up with my friend Beverly Aarons, creator of Artists Up Close, for one of our expansive chats about writing, art, technology, and the world around us. Beverly knows that I’m a big fan of the talking-dog genre and so directed my attention to The Trojan Women: A Comic, illustrated by Rosanna Bruno with text by Anne Carson.

In this graphic novel, the Trojan Women of the title are dogs and cows, Poseidon is a giant wave, Athene is an owl mask plus an empty pair of overalls (“Warhartt”), and Talthybius is a giant crow. There are surprises on every page, deft movements from comedy to tragedy, and an essential faithfulness to the spirit of the source material.

And talking dogs, plenty of talking dogs.

Over seven years after a deep dive into Ancient Greek History, this is exactly how I want to imbibe the classics.

No, don’t ignore it.

Buy: The Trojan Women: A Comic, by Rosanna Bruno, text by Anne Carson (New Directions Books, 2021).

Visit: Open Books: A Poem Emporium.