(Continuing from Part 1 of the Summit Tour.)

All conventions are divided into three parts: the exhibition hall, the sessions, and the hallways. And in my experience, the hallways are what it’s all about. That’s where you meet people, renew acquaintances, and make plans. And take selfies.

At the Summit, the hallway experience promises to be exceptional.

The Hillclimb

The Seattle Convention Center Summit has integrated its hallways with the Hillclimb, an inviting four-story ascent that gives convention visitors open areas to mingle, sit and chat, or just take in the stunning views.

My expectation is that the Hillclimb will be the ideal place to see and be seen.

You can give your Fitbit altimeter a workout using the stairs or enjoy the view from the adjacent escalators.

Hillclimb, exterior view at night.
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The Garden Terrace

On Level 3, you can walk to the West (downhill) side of the building to enter the 14,000-sq. ft. Garden Terrace.

Note that this is a non-smoking building. If that’s what you need, go outside to a designated area, 25 feet from the entrance.