(Earlier stops on the Summit Tour: The Exhibition Hall and The Hillclimb and The Garden Terrace)

At the Summit of the Hillclimb, you can look down at the traffic on I-5 North at the base of Capitol Hill; I-5 South heading underneath Freeway Park and Seattle Convention Center Arch Building (opened 1988); and the intersection of Pine Street and Boren Ave, with the hypotenuse being a sadly underutilized dog park, as neither pets nor their owners enjoy the sounds or smells of interstate highway traffic.

That’s why the Summit is an ideal spot to contemplate the future of the Lid I-5 movement in Seattle. Someday, if all goes well, the visible highway will be topped off with a highway lid, extending Freeway Park and creating new amenities for residents and visitors alike.

And you’ll know you’ve reached the Summit when you see the Ballroom. It’s really spectacular.

And here’s where we’ll end the Summit Tour.

Hope you get to see it in person soon!

Coming soon: A walk around the perimeter of the building, plus some suggested itineraries for easy excursions.